The will to get results

‘What are you doing it for?’ When this question is asked of someone in an organization, this is often met with a painful silence, or with words such as ‘for the money’ or ‘you have to do something’. In this instance it is surely impossible for such a person to be capable of achieving anything better than, at best, average results, both at work and at home. The CiEP coaching and management toolbox is focused on allowing people to achieve exceptional results. Simply because that is what they themselves want!


Where CiEP is applied, it’s not a question of ‘changing everything around’. The content of the work remains unchanged and the participants themselves are not ‘changed’, because people don’t change that fast. What does happen is that the result-inhibiting working habits that people have are replaced by habits with which they and the organization, as a whole, are much happier. CiEP aims at bringing about a transformation, which can be characterized in the following terms:

value-driven rule-based
short term short- and long term
automatic conscious
re-active pro-active
or-or and-and
good/bad works well/does not work
non-transparent transparant
everyone for themselves      collaboration


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