Works well/does not work

CiEP is a practical work philosophy that has been specially developed for office environments, which can also be implemented very easily in other working environments. CiEP is based on people with all their habits. Looked at from the administrative level CiEP divides these habits into two categories: result promoting and result inhibiting. CiEP makes people permanently aware of the fact that they have a choice between ‘works well and does not work’. Faced with this choice the vast majority chooses ‘works well’.

Value driven

However, in reality people often avoid this choice. The reasons for this are known: their own existing working habits, pressure of work, communications that are unclear or dissatisfaction with the state of affairs in the department. CiEP helps people to become focused and stay focused on this choice. Not because they have to, but because people become aware of the importance of functional values that connect the individual and the organization with each other. Value-driven working turns out to be much more effective than purely hierarchical or rule-based working.


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