Results to the fore

Radical rejection of thinking in terms of good/bad is crucial to the CiEP work philosophy. It might seem logical to point out erroneous actions or bad working habits to people, but at the same time it is also counterproductive. Good/bad thinking stimulates ‘via the back door’ result-inhibiting mental factors. Think about one’s inclination towards wanting to prove oneself, to be right, to not wanting to be blamed, to not wanting to be caught making mistakes or the fear people have of loss of face. An approach in line with the ‘works well/does not work’ concept is, in contrast, emotionally neutral. It is for people much easier still to choose for what works well and thereafter to act so that modifications can be made to the previously chosen route.

People are central

For aliens from another planet it is perhaps rather strange that humans are made the way they are. However, CiEP is based on people and wants to achieve results with people. Even in organizations where CiEP is implemented, people will regularly being doing things that are not in line with a conscious decision about ‘works well/does not work’. That is why CiEP has an extensive toolbox to make this behavior visible and to correct it, without affecting the ties that people feel with the organization. In fact these bonds are more likely to be strengthened. The role of organization-wide shared values and exemplary behavior by managers in this respect is very important.

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