CiEP calls forth leadership

Applied as a management instrument, CiEP brings about significant changes in the way leadership can be made visible. CiEP transforms the way an employee and a manager look at their own actions and the outcomes thereof. Managers and directors, who have permanently integrated CiEP into their worksystem and actions, are able to deal with confrontations appropriately and in a relaxed manner. In doing so, they create a working atmosphere in which bottlenecks and problems are solved faster.

Organized, contented and full of energy

As an individual coaching program, CiEP offers returns in a variety of terrains. Time gain is one illustration. This generally lies measurably between 10 and 20%, which amounts to between a half to a whole working day per person per week! The time gained is closely tied to a number of crucial plus points inherent to CiEP. Thus you can think of benefits in terms of:

  • quality
  • productivity
  • transparency
  • initiative and results-orientedness

Companies and organizations that are going through or have been through a CiEP program, are always talking about having tangibly more pleasure in doing their work,  of improved involvement and satisfaction and a better work/life balance.

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