CiEP in Communication

What your organization is facing

Work relationships are not running smoothly, agreements are not being kept, collaboration is not optimal, messages are wrongly understood, well-meant conversations don’t achieve the intended result, there is lack of understanding, irritation, meetings that run over, not to mention conversations that take up valuable time and lead nowhere.

What you and your people want most

Clear communication is wanted in your organization, saying efficiently what needs to be said, so that it can be heard and people can do something with it. You want people to collaborate on results, with good communications between them and on good terms with each other.

What CiEP in Communication offers

CiEP in Communication (CiC) is a practical program that is person- and team-oriented. It focuses on optimizing and making communications with yourself and with others more insightful, in a work environment. This constitutes the basis for realizing inspiring results with others. CiC makes you aware of what and how you communicate, but also of what you want to hide in your communications and yet still unconsciously communicate. This provides you with insight into thoughts and feelings that guide you unwittingly in your conduct and in your communications. Having this insight creates inner space and provides you with a new perspective of your choices and possibilities. The result is your power to communicate effectively is immediately strengthened. CiC provides you with a new look at yourself and at your relationships with others, and thus facilitates a new level of collaboration.

We are very willing, on the basis of your specific needs and with the CiEP principles as the context for effective communication and inspired work relationships, to discuss how we can best be of service to you. 

An appointment is easily made: call one of the CiEP coaches on +31 71 301 2841, or send an e-mail to

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