"CPMS Standard"

A standard for professionals to enable them to effectively and sustainably aim for the realization of results and fulfillment of values in an office environment. There are quality standards for products, services, organizations and processes. However for professionals working in an office environment there was until now no standard.

That is why there is now the CPMS Standard. This certifiable management and quality standard for the individual aspiration of efficiency in the office environment is unique. The CPMS Standard developed in the Netherlands by Impulsus in Leiden signifies a revolutionary advance in the thinking about personal leadership, management and quality.

The CPMS Standard is aimed at professionals in office organizations whose priorities include values, results and integrity and who continuously focus on optimizing their personal qualities and effectiveness on the one hand and making visible and resolving bottlenecks on the other.

The CPMS Standard offers clear, verifiable criteria for the establishment of a personal management system on the basis of the CiEP method of working, so that professionals can avoid stress and pressure of work and can achieve higher productivity, inspiring results, a better balance between work and their private life, more effective collaborations and more control, enjoyment and partnership in their work. Certification of personal management systems on the CPMS Standard constitutes a breakthrough in the development of personally focused quality management.

The CPMS Standard can now be ordered directly via the order form or via the larger bookshops (ISBN number 978-90-80811-4-3).

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