"CiEP, The new standard in working"


There are quality standards for products, services, organizations and processes. However, until now there was no standard for people working in an office environment. What is necessary to be able to do a job optimally? What characterizes a professional who makes responsible choices, who is accountable, who keeps work and home life well balanced and who works in a demonstrably effective, transparent, pro-active, self aware and systematic manner? CiEP offers the tools and thought processes for creating working structures that generate visible, measurable and tangible results. CiEP enables employees and managers to go home energetic, satisfied and cheerful. Every day!

CiEP creates a new, revolutionairy standard in working - a standard that enables certification of personal effectiveness.


In "CiEP, The New Standard in Working [CiEP, De nieuwe norm in werken]” author Gery Groen, draws on her own experience, instruments and ideas to create work structures that produce visible, measurable and perceptible results. CiEP ensures that employees and managers go home at the end of every day full of energy, satisfied and with a clean desk. CiEP is the revolutionary new standard for working; a standard that makes it possible to certify personal effectiveness. Certification the basis of CiEP constitutes a breakthrough in the development of quality management, the results-oriented leadership of office organizations and the acquisition of personal mastery of working.

"CiEP, The New Standard in Working [CiEP, De nieuwe norm in werken]” can now be ordered directly via the order form or via the larger bookshops (ISBN number 90-808-8111-2).

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