Lasting and effective

The CiEP way makes managers and employees aware of how they can systematically work effectively and dynamically in an office environment. The program indicates the behavior and communication that accompanies it and shows how people can become responsible themselves for effective working conditions; both at the personal level and at management level.


CiEP has been developed to generate and assure results organization-wide. Desired personal and organization results are continuously supported and facilitated. The use of personal work systems is made transparent as well as obstructions and points for development. Key words in this are transparency, accessibility, control and balance.

Gains at every level

The CiEP way of working allows people to deal effectively with the complexity and challenges of their work. It strengthens the ability to get the work done and to take effective actions. The program ensures pro-active actions and supports the creation of conditions for success. Provided it is applied consistently, working according to the CiEP philosophy can provide people with time gains of 10-20%, as has been shown in our ongoing study.

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